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Accomplishment of the project

Accomplishment of the project is designed for three years.

  1. In the first year of the project the surveys concerning the project were prepared and carried out. In case of Poland, based on statistical data, the target region of the project was defined - Zachodnio - pomorskie voivodeship. First of all three programs of courses were prepared and the contents of these courses was worked out. The courses were carried or are being carried out by partners’ institutions. All courses will be translated and implemented as on-line courses by MSZI and TUKE. Three meetings of partners took place. The first meeting was held in Warsaw at SGGW, from 24th to 29th of January 2007. During that meeting the partners presented their institutions, the problems of unemployment were discussed, two e-learning platforms (Moodle and Inovatix) and their applications were presented. The partners chose the e-learning platform for the needs of the project. The web site of the project was presented and discussed. The survey form prepared by MSZI was presented. The second meeting of partners was organized in Kosice, 18-23.04.2007. It concerned first of all discussing the programs of courses and results of the surveys. Also a discussion on application of IT in teaching unemployed people took place. The third meeting took place from 18th to 25th of June in Madrid. During this meeting a trial on-line courses for listeners taking part in the meeting was carried out. Also workshop on Moodle tools was organized. The details of implementation were discussed and a number of talks on topics connected with the project were delivered. Moreover, there were seminars and workshops organized by the partners of the project. On 25th of May a workshop “e-learning, a challenge to modern education” was organized in SGGW. During the workshop the basis of using the e-learning platform Moodle were shown. The representative of WSEI and a German teacher responsible for preparation of the German language course took part in it. The form of the course contents suitable for implementation on e-learning platform was estabilished.

  2. In the second year of the project the on-line courses will be carried out in target groups. The courses prepared in the first year of the project will be carried our by partners’ institutions on the premises and as on-line courses. Also new programs of courses will be prepared:

1. Basic mechanicals,

2. Accounting for small enterprise,

3. Web designing,

4. Accounting software,

5. AutoCAD,

6. Data bases for groups from regions with recreation/tourist value but high unemployment,

7. English language for people from regions with recreation/tourist value but high unemployment.

  1. In the third year of the project, apart from carrying out courses, companions to courses will be prepared. Surveys for evaluation purpose will be worked out and carried out. Leaflets about project will be prepared. Conclusions concerning application of e-learning in adult education, especially unemployed and living in areas under danger of unemployment will be made.


Project title: IT Education as an activating factor of adults from areas under danger of unemployment


General information about the project

The project concerns adults who are looking for a job because they are unemployed or would like to change their present occupation but due to various reasons, especially connected with their environment, face difficulties in finding a job. The project program is aimed at people living in various weakly urbanized environments: countryside and small towns. The accomplishment of the project is a multistep program. Based on statistical data, in the initial phase of a project, target regions were defined and essential contacts with local representatives were made. The courses to be accomplished in the first step of the project were determined and their programs prepared:

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Two of the above courses have already been carried out in a traditional way by the institutions that prepared the programs. After translating into national languages of the project partners the courses will be carried out in all participating countries. The accomplishment of the project will be based on blended learning, i. e., will involve traditional and modern teaching methods connected with IT. Due to the peculiarity of the project the main stress will be put on distant learning. Therefore in the second stage of the project the courses will be implemented on the e-learning platform Moodle, adjusted to the requirements of the project. In the final stage of the project all courses will be available on the e-learning platform Moodle and can serve as a support to traditional courses offered e. g., by Employment Agencies or can be treated as fully independent courses. As a supplement to courses, guides to courses and leaflets will be prepared.

The project is supported by European Commission as part of the Socrates Grundtvig 2 program (LLP).

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